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Celebrating Freedom

Independence Day is one of the most important days of remembrance we recognize each year.  Please take time this year on July 4th to stop and observe the sacrifices made to create our free way of life.

The signing of the Declaration of Independance was more than a simple drafting of a statement of incorporation.  It was a risk.  A HUGE risk for all who believed in the American Experiment.  To admit belief in this new nation and it’s ideals of a self governing free people was to subject onself to persecution including torture and death under terms of treason against the king of England.  With this knowledge, our founders still saw it fit to risk all and in many cases give all for the opportunities we now enjoy.

Summer Time Slacker

Summer is a busy time of year and sometimes our schedules become filled with all sorts of things.  As thoughts of warm sun and iced tea by the pool begin to fill our minds, it’s easy to let the productive things fade from our mind as we drift to the task of finding a swimsuit that will be gracious to the extra 5 pounds we put on this year.  Hear this:  it’s absolutely important to enjoy your family time, vacation and time off.  Those things should be top priority for the health of you and your family relationships.  However, be sure not to neglect the relationships that made that vacation financially possible.

Taco Bell Breakfast Fail

So, I receive a coupon in the mail yesterday for Breakfast at Taco Bell.  Looking at the images, it was clear that I would either love or hate the options offered with no middle ground as an option.  Within seconds my mouth watered at the thought of a breakfast burrito from a place that specializes in Mexican food rather than some lame attempt made by a burger joint.  Jump the time frame to 2 minutes and I’d committed to breakfast at The Bell this morning.

Define the Process FIRST in Your Markeitng Plan

I often partner with so called “marketing agencies” or “marketing consultants” (note: topic for another day).  When I partner with these folks, I normally spend the majority of my time fighting one problem.  The Forgetting of Process.  For instance, I’ll get a marketing consultant who sends me the content for a page pitching a particular program and the writing or graphics will be spectacular.  However, they forget how the client will be coming to that content.

You should always map out the process of bringing the client from first impression to end of sale follow-up.  Then write the content or put the pieces in place to match.

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Business Feast or Famine Winter?

I sure do love fall.  The weather is the best of the year.  When the air is cool but the sun still warms your skin.

This is also the time of year to gear up your marketing and create business cash flow for the next couple of months.  There are usually only two extremes businesses experience this time of year.  Feast or Famine.

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Valedictorian Speaks Out Against School System

Had to share this video.  I like this girl.  I’ve shared similar sentiments in past posts such as Educational Waste, My Kind of Teacher,  and Why Does the Answer Exist.  You just have to hear this girl’s comments.  Listen closely.  So, without further explanation…

Back to School Thoughts

Back to School ImageIf you have kids and are like me, every year you dread the first day of school. Not for the same reasons that kids do though :~) Though most parents are worn out from a summer of rearranging their schedule and playing referee when your kids could use a break from each other, the first day of school is an event of reflection. I can’t believe that my Halee is entering the fifth grade. Her last year in elementary school before she dives into the pressures of “big kid” environments. Not to mention my baby girl Ruthie starting Kindergarten. It’s crazy and causes me to think back on the joyous moments when I held them in my arms for the first time.

OKC’s Auto Body Repair Boom

Check out this graph showing the burst in searches for “auto body repair” in the OKC Metro area on Google around the time of this spring’s storms

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Treat Current Customers & Potential or New Customers Differently

Do you treat returning customers and new or potential customers the same way?  If so… Why?

Both people are important but they need to hear different messages and have a different experience.

We’ve all been to a restaurant when the server asks if we’ve ever been there before.  Only about half of the time does that make a difference in the presentation.  Why did they ask if they weren’t going to tell me anything different or offer an incentive for turning my guests into patrons.  What different messages need to be told in your business?

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7 Things Web Designers Doesn’t Want You To Know

For most people, hiring someone to build their website is as confusing & stressful than buying a car, and more important than who to hire to answer the phones.  I’ve created a short list of seven simple facts that web designers don’t want you to know.  The days of web design being kin to rocket science are over.  But, web designers don’t want you to know that. They’ll charge extreme prices for simple tasks just because either they haven’t upgraded to newer more efficient methods, or, they hope that keeping you in the dark will place a pair of  “golden handcuffs” on you and force you to put up with the poor customer service and worse attitude they throw at you.

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